About Gothie

Thank you for visiting my blog :)

I'm Gotherella, Gothie for short.
I'm an Australian who enjoys stitching, gaming, reading and a bunch of other things.

I've been filming Youtube blogs for almost a year now. I started off with Booktube but slowly added Flosstube to my videos as well. I'm now also playing with the idea of gaming videos.

I've been cross stitching for 13 years. I learnt from a high school teacher when she "took me in". I had a lot of trouble with bullies and making friends, and through cross stitching and sewing I ended up making some.
I keep cross stitching because it helps me with my disabilities, gives me something fun and productive to do and I love watching a project take shape.

I've always been a big reader, I read any chance I get. I was always an advanced reader for my age growing up, thanks to both my Mother and my Grandfather for teaching me to read and helping me discover a love for it. I have a high reading speed too which is pretty awesome :p

My gaming console of choice is my PC, PC Master Race!
I enjoy fantasy and RPG's. My main game is World of Warcraft, and I do spend most of my gaming time in Azeroth, though I do play games from other franchises, such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age and my eternal love of Arcade games. 
I am newly in love with Blizzard's team brawler Heroes of the Storm as well.

I also dabble with photography, and have been for about 11 years. I studied photography in high school, learning to shoot on film DSLR's and learnt to develop my prints and film. As such my switch to digital photography I've still retained the need to take a photo and not edit it a whole lot. Of course phone photography and instagram don't count! :p
I love shooting events with burlesque, music, magicians and fire :)

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