Saturday, 21 February 2015

Recent Finish - WOCS Sampler SAL

This was a Stitch A Long by The World of Cross Stitching Magazine from last year.
By the time I had started quite a few people had finished so I just stitched at my own pace.
I challenged myself with this project as well by not making a working copy.

I wish I had of, because Illidan (Mr kitty who hasn't learnt not to jump on my desk yet) knocked over a small drink and then clawed some the pages when he freaked and jumped off.
So the pattern isn't quite usable anymore.

I made a few mistakes in this, mostly with miscounting or mixing colours up, but there is only one that is outwardly noticeable.

But I did enjoy this project, it was fun to stitch, and this big, tough goth girl loves the flowers :p

This was stitched on 14 count hand dyed fabric.
The fabric is 'Silver Springs' by Colour Cascades :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Older finishes

I took some photos of some of my older finishes from the last few years. 
I tend to give them away as gifts most of the time, so I don't have too many finished pieces laying around.
But here are some of the ones I do have, and some backs.
So you can giggle at how atrocious some of them are!

This is a small Misfits logo stitched in glow in the dark thread, which I cut out and glued onto the canvas.
I met the Misfits when they played Sydney last and got them to sign it for me :)

This was a card kit from the Cross Stitch Magic magazine that used to be in circulation in Australia.

The card is pretty dodgy, I will be getting some card stock soon to cover the back up better.

This is a better card, also from a magazine.

Another stitched canvas piece, this time for musician Otep.
Also signed by the artist :)

Illidan stitched on plastic canvas

Sparkly aida!

This is the first ever cross stitch project I ever did.
I went big straight out the gate.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Cross Stitching Update

Life seems to always get in the way when I want to film. I will hopefully get around to filming my January book wrap up tomorrow before the Rental Inspection happens.
And a cross stitch update video later this week as well. 

First up I have two small finishes for the year.
The first is a stitchable notebook kit that came with Cross Stitcher magazine that had been sitting in my stash for a long time. I switched out the colours for Sea Dragon by Fiberlicious.
I stitched this with 3 strands for better coverage.

 Then we have this little Bernard Black - Black Books pattern from Plastic Little Covers on Etsy.
I ended up doing this one for the Mellisously Hopeless SAL
I had bought some red wine to stain the fabric with, but it dried grey.
I couldn't get the grey out, so I went over it with red dye,
It doesn't have the effect I wanted, but it's sort of red wine-ish.

So this one was a new start for January's Quote SAL. I haven't done much yet.
This one is being stitched with Fiberlicious hand dyed cottons.

And a new start for Feb, the Valentines SAL.
Also being stitched with hand dyed cotton from Fiberlicious.
This one is Poison Rose.
The fabric is from Stitches and Spice.

And we have the Frosted Pumpkin Storytime SAL.
The first frame is now finished, and I have yet to make a start on the second.
I regret not changing the frame colours to some of the hand dyed cottons I have.
Some of the Dinky Dyes ones are sort of pastel-y and would have looked nice.

This one is Almost Time by Victoria Frances charted by Tilton Crafts.
Not a lot happening here....

Mini Raven Kin by Selina Fenech, charted by Heaven and Earth Designs.
I've been working on this one a little today and am getting closer to a page finish.
It's only a half page granted, but hey, a page is a page :)

Also, Tom Hiddleston needle minder appreciation.
The amount of times I find myself looking at the needle minder and not stitching....

And here's my progress for the Mirabilia SAL
Again, not a whole lot going on here, but every stitch counts.

This is another project I've done some work on since taking photos, I'm almost finished the first square.
Still pretty far behind...

And last, but not least, Arthas!

I am thinking I might skip the Gloria and Pat SAL, and start a different project.
I received an Arthas chart for a shoutout on my blog/Youtube, which will also be coming in the next few days.
I want to start it. 
Like, now.
I need more Arthas in my life :p

Friday, 6 February 2015

Little world of baking

I like food, I really do.
And it's quite a new thing.
I used to have a really bad relationship with food, and that's something I've been improving on.
People can be cruel when it comes to fat people and food. 
As part of my recovery from my eating disorder, and to repair my relationship with food I started cooking. I started cooking my dinners and desserts. I bake savoury and sweet items.
And here are some pictures :)
I will get some recipes going soon as well :)

Multicoloured Icing from one piping bag

Butterfly Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake with Raspberry icing and Oreos

Rainbow Cupcakes

Cookie in a cup

Iced Red Velvet cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

My old kitchen was great for cooking, so much space

Bacon and Cheese pullapart

Rainbow Cupcakes

Choc Coconut, Choc Mint and Mars Bars cupcakes

Gnocchi Bake

Bacon and Egg Breakfast muffins

Double Choc Coconut Muffins

Double Choc Coconut Muffins

Home made pizza, base from scratch, sauce as well

Jam Drop cookies

Burrito Leftover Pies

Cheese and Bacon Rolls

Butterfly cupcakes, mine vs the cookbooks


Cheese and Bacon Pullapart, with extra bacon

Strawberry and Cream cake

Stuffed Pizza Rolls

Chorizo and Sun-dried Tomato Risotto

Cookie Cups, 

Pancakes with my 2 favourite toppings Jam and Cream and Vegemite, Sprinkles and Cream

Iced Rainbow Cupcakes

Cooking my some cupcakes

Pine nut and Spinach pullapart

Cookies and Cream fudge

Pizza Scrolls

Pizza Scrolls

Pizza Scrolls

Pizza Scrolls


Pizza Scrolls