Friday, 19 December 2014

Illidan - Photo Spam

There will be photos. Lots of photos.

I may or may not have a habit of chasing him around with a camera....

Illidan is a rescue cat. 
I adopted him from the Cat Protection Society in Newtown. They are a no kill kitty shelter and they do great work.
We went in because I refuse to buy a pet from a breeder or pet store, not when there are animals without homes.
We went into the little kitten play room first, and the kittens were adorable, but they weren't interested in us.
So then they showed us the kittens who were in the cages because they'd had their playtime.
I picked up Illidan, who was named Babe Ruth at the time, he was so tiny and adorable.
He curled up on my shoulder straight away,
He picked me :)
His story is that he was dumped at a few old on the side of the road in a box and someone found him, took him to Cat Protection.
He had a tilted head when he was a kitten. Vet's had checked it out and said it would likely grow out, but there was nothing to worry about, as having a constantly tilted head can be a sign of some pretty serious kitty diseases.
But nobody wanted to take the kitty who was different, until me that is :p

When we were bringing him home, he refused to stay in his carrier. He was trying so hard to get out I thought he would hurt himself, so I let him out and he just curled up in my arms and slept until we got home. That second picture is him in the moving car. That's what he still does.
I've never been able to get him in a carrier, so I taught him to be on a harness, and while he doesn't walk like a dog would, he can't run off and he knows not to pull on it.

I named him Illidan, after Illidan Stormrage, one of my favourite World of Warcraft characters. And Illidan loves WoW, and watching WoW videos.

Illidan is not a fan of other cats.

Earlier this year Illidan got sick. Spent a few days in a vet. He got a minor case of Urinary Crystals. So now he's on a special dry food to hopefully stop them from coming back. He was really lucky and only had crystals the size of sand.

The top tattoo is a Chibi version of Illidan, with a kitty paw, for my kitty <3