Monday, 15 December 2014


I've spent the day watching the live stream, I've only just turned it off, but I'm keeping a close eye on Twitter and Reddit for updates.

Today has been a pretty scary day, I've never seen anything like this happen in Australia, not that I can remember anyway.
And being such a random location, with a bunch of innocent people in danger. 
It's pretty full on.
Not to mention all the people I know who work near Martin Place.
My paranoia has not been playing well today.

Ultimately I hope it ends peacefully, and that nobody gets hurt, and that it ends soon.

I also hope the backlash against the Muslim community isn't as horrid as I fear it will be.

The hashtag movement #Illridewithyou is great, and I'm really happy to see it. But I'm still seeing anti-Muslim sentiments.
I've deleted quite a few people from my Facebook for posting racist crap.

For those who may not know what I'm going on about, about 9.30am this morning police began to cordon off the area around the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place. The initial reports were of an Armed Robbery and then a Police Operation.
Then it was revealed to be a hostage situation.
There wasn't much more information, and there isn't much more now.
We know of at least one hostage holder, who is armed and has a backpack on.
We know there are staff and customers inside being held hostage.
He made some hostages stand at the windows holding up a flag with Arabic writing on it.
Five people have escaped/been let go, it isn't known which.
Siege is still continuing, last time I checked the stream the lights were all out.

And just now a video on Youtube claiming to be one of the hostages inside the cafe reading out the demands has appeared.
I don't know how valid it is, but the ladies shirt does appear to be the same as one pictured holding the flag at the window earlier in the day.

Overall I think it's been handled fairly well by the ABC, SBS and the government/police.
Even Tony Abbott didn't use it as an excuse to fear-monger about terrorists and his security changes.

Channel 7, 9 and 10 have never been trustworthy news sources in my eyes, so I wasn't surprised when I saw them broadcasting the movements and positions of police, and spreading photos.
But the most despicable news source award again goes to the Daily Telegraph newspaper who had a 2pm special edition printed with a sensationalist headline about the "Death Cult ISIS".
At the time it wasn't known if the hostage holder was related to ISIS, a lone wolf, or even if he was a Muslim or not. 
So it's pretty ridiculous.

I don't think I'll be getting much sleep until this is all over. While I'm sure all of my city based friends are ok, I need to know how it ends, I need to see how the Australian Police handle this, and part of me needs to know whats going on.

If this siege is still going after lunchtime tomorrow, I'll be rescheduling my Kings Cross job network appointment as well. 
I'm paranoid enough leaving the house, even more paranoid going out in my wheelchair. I would not be in a good place heading into the CBD with this going on. I'd be way too scared of people, and objects. Just not going to happen.
But for whatever reason, if the job network refuses and gives me the whole "Come for the appointment or loose your pay" I'll go in. 
And you can ride with me. I don't let assholes say hurtful, bigoted things on a normal day, I'm not going to allow it now. So if you feel the need to, you can ride with me from Mt Druitt to Town Hall, then to Kings Cross if you need. I get awesome seats too, wheelchair perks!

Update: 1am 16/12/2014
Media have been given permission by police to release the identity of the guy holding people hostage.

I remember this guy.
I won't link it, or post it, thanks to Australia's new information sharing laws.
But this guy has been charged with harassment, sexual assault and murder in the past.
Now I am even more worried about the people being held hostage.

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  1. What a horrible thing for you and your fellow Australians to have gone through. My thoughts are with all of you. xo