Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sailor Moon - Cloudsfactory

Clouds Factory have so many patterns that I have wanted to buy, but my budget usually means I'm left choosing stash or patterns, and I usually go with stash.
So when Black Friday rolled around I found myself once again kicking myself for not putting money aside in preparation for all the online sales.

Australia doesn't really do Black Friday, some businesses will have sales, but it's usually Cyber Monday.

So I jumped at the bit with online sales. And again, that pesky budget got in the way, but I did manage to grab a Clouds Factory pattern in the sale they had.

It was a hard choice between the Superheros Alphabet, David Bowie and Sailor Moon, but Sailor Moon won out.

I started stitching it as soon as I bought it, because I knew the exact fabric I wanted to use.

I had this piece of fabric from a Colour Cascades Fabric studio session sale in the Facebook Group. It was my first sale and this was the piece I won. It was a strangely shaped piece at 9 inches by 21 inches, so it sat in my stash for a long time while I tried to find something awesome for it.

So looking at the Sailor Moon pattern, I thought if I moved the bottom row of scouts to the same row I could fit them all nicely. And it looks great!
I started this on Saturday the 29th, and I didn't stitch on it everyday, but I finished it on the 9th of December. It was fun to stitch, and really quick (when I did pick it up :p )

And now for photos!


  1. beautiful fabric and stitches

  2. Looks fabulous - you have a great eye for colour!

  3. That fabric is so pretty! Your stitching looks great on it!