Friday, 24 April 2015

New finish - Birthday Present #1

Number 1?
Yes, I have 2 birthday presents to stitch at the moment!

This one is a late birthday present for my younger sister.
She's super into tattoo's (not my influence I swear!) and nautical themed everything, so this pattern from Plastic Little Covers on Etsy was perfect!

So next came picking a fabric. 
Colour Cascades is my go to, Australian based dyer, so I can get them pretty quickly.
Tammy did me a huge favour by adding it to the next dye lot so I could get it a little quicker.
My sister's birthday is the 11th, so I knew it wouldn't be done in time, but I wanted to get it done as quick as I could, as the next present I'm stitching is for the 9th of May.

So I grabbed a few pictures of Tammy's fabrics and did a few overlays.

Black Holed Sun


She liked clouds the best, so I ordered it in a 16 count Opal, because sparkles!

I kind of dropped the ball on taking in progress pictures, so here's the finish!

For the frame I got a Kasiercraft wooden 10 inch square frame from Spotlight. 
I painted it a lightened Teal, and stuck some little embellishments on it.
It was a little hard to glue the frame together, because I seem to have misplaced my packet of low temp glue gun refills....
But these are just some quick photos taken with my phone.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Bookstand #1

This is something new that I'm doing :)
I'll be putting these up every Monday.

It will be a book related feature, where I talk about the books that I will be reading/am reading and have finished in the last/next week :)
Depending on when I type this all out I may have finished a book that I list or started one I haven't listed, but that will be the times I write this in advance and schedule it :)

But onto the books!!

What I'm currently reading:

This is a novella, something small about Queen Levana's past to tide us over until book 4 of the Lunar Chronicles comes out.
I'm reading this as an e-book.

What I've finished reading:

More Hellchasers now please!
I love Sherrilyn's work, all of it. 
I have not yet read a book from her that I've disliked.

This was a random bargin book I decided to take a chance on. 
It was so good.
Super funny, and super accurate.
Living as an insomniac is a major pain in the ass, this book provides a little insight to what it's like.
I encourage everyone to pick this up and give it a go, especially if you have insomnia or know someone who is.

Friday, 17 April 2015

New logo!

I have a new logo!!
I commissioned an awesome artist on Deviantart and got this :)

This is amazing, I love it so much :)

This is a World of Warcraft blog.
Because I'm obsessed :p
There are 42 screenshots in this post. 42 is life!

So this is where my character stand at the moment. They are now all in their garrisons. 

My hunter and the new Wolf models. It snows in Draenor, and I love it.

My trophy for killing 5000 alliance scums....I mean players :p

The Molten Corgi is the cutest thing ever. This is one of his attacks, creating more of himself!
My Molten Corgi's name is Ragnaruff XD

A coffin fit for a poop?

My Shaman

This is my Worgen rogue., my only Alliance toon (for the achievement)
She was killing these Elekk groups. The groups mostly consist of a mother, father and 2 baby ones.
So I created a kill order. Father first, then one baby, then mother and finally baby.
I aggro'd one group which was a father and two babies with no mother.
The 2 babies ran off and called another group over. The other group was the full 4 Elekk group. 
So I killed them all.
There are no bodies, because I skinned them too :p

Multiple Gamon's!

And now, the greatest thing ever for an online game.
The Selfie camera and Twitter integration XD

This is what my warlock would look like male, very sexy :p

"I got this for killing 5000 alliance"

"But seriously, I will melt your face off"

Wiping on a boss fight, let me take a selfie! Then Gruul threw me.

Wiping selfie!

And another

Man, progression raiding hurts.

PVP, know when to fight and know when to flee.


I too love kitties Zarg.