Friday, 3 April 2015

Life Updates!

I've been absent again.

It has been one of those time periods where a whole bunch is going on, a whole bunch needs to be done and my stitchy bug takes a break.

So I spent most of my time this month sleeping/attempting to sleep after having run around shopping, doing other crafty stuff, fighting with my ISP to get my internet fixed (never mess with a gamer's internet!) and trying to work out what to do with myself.

So I saw a career advisor with my local TAFE to chat about options for wheelchair friendly professions. I already had a few ideas in mind, some of which I doubted would be wheelchair friendly.
So I came to the decision and I will be returning to TAFE to study full time.
I will be starting off with a Certificate 4 in Youth Work and then I'm going to see if I can do a dual discipline in both Mental Health and in Disabilities. 
I really hope I can get both at the same time. 
It will be a bigger workload, yes, but overall will be quicker than doing 2 different courses after each other.

So have some photos, and I will be filming some cross stitch updates in the next few days :)

Check out the hot chocolate porn!

Made my first ever pulled Pork. It didn't last long.

Strawberries and Cream cupcakes before icing, and choc mint muffins :)
Didn't get pictures of the sugar cookies before they went. I made them in bat and cat shapes :p

That's an Air Con, not a bed. 

One of our awesome Flosstubers was in hospital for a little while, so I surprised her with a card :)
I bought a card making kit off ebay, put all the pieces together, found a kitty picture which I printed out and then coloured with watercolour paints :)

And this little butterfly pendant was the little gift I sent along as well :)
I stitched it with 2 Fiberlicious hand dyed flosses, and one Dinky Dyes hand dyed floss :)

I spent most of the month stitching on my St Patricks day SAL. I didn't finish it. 
But I'm not going to rant about it here, I'm going to wait for the video :p

Made a friend of mine a Star Trek Communication Badge :)
Made the little pattern based off an image off Google.
I should mention I know nothing of Star Trek. At all :p
The pattern for this is on my Etsy as well

Andrew getting his hacksaw on at Bunnings :)

And what I made with those hacksawed pieces of PVC pipe :)

Still learning to two hand stitch, but it's so good to not have to hold it :p
I'm very quickly becoming a Qsnap convert!

Tie Dying some shirts. Some turned out, others didn't. And then my washing machine screwed them all up.

Pizza scrolls and some trial Nutella and Coconut scrolls :)


Little lacewing I rescued from my room before Illidan got ahold of him.


  1. Those hot chocolates look so good! The card you made is so cool! And I love all your stitching! Looking forward to your video :)

  2. Love that card and your stitching. The food all looks scrumptious. Good luck with your courses.

  3. Your food looks soooo delicious. Would you ever consider doing a cooking vid or recipe blogpost?

    1. I have been considering doing some cooking videos. Just depends on getting my tripod in the right spot :p