Tuesday, 14 April 2015

St Patrick's Day SAL

I started my St Pat's SAL in March, and finished it yesterday.

Anyone who watched my last video knows about the floss related issue I had with this pattern, but apart from that it was really easy to stitch.

And now it's finished.
Only thing left to do is to get it framed.
Because it's a memorial piece I want it done properly, so now I have to find somewhere in Sydney that frames cross stitch.

My Grandfather was a great person and he meant a lot to me. Sadly he passed away late 2012.
His birthday was St Patrick's Day, so I thought about doing a memorial piece for the Stitch A Long with Cross Stitch It's Fun.
I trawled Pinterest and google until I found something that would be easy to modify, and wasn't too cliche'd.

So here it is :)
Unframed as of yet, but finished :)

I stitched this on 18 count aida, from Colour Cascades Fabrics on Silver Springs.
The flosses were from Weeks Dye Works, and if you want to stitch this one yourself, get yourself 2 skeins of the green colour, Lucky. I used all but four strands of a short length for this.

I made a Q Snap cover!
First time I've used a sewing machine since 2001 and that was for maybe 4 hours in total. 
Now to learn to switch the threads so I won't have to stitch everything in white...


  1. Excellent finish and what a lovely memorial for your grandfather.

  2. It looks so good! Great idea to put your grandfather's name in it. My condolences to you, grandparents are special :)