Monday, 20 April 2015

Bookstand #1

This is something new that I'm doing :)
I'll be putting these up every Monday.

It will be a book related feature, where I talk about the books that I will be reading/am reading and have finished in the last/next week :)
Depending on when I type this all out I may have finished a book that I list or started one I haven't listed, but that will be the times I write this in advance and schedule it :)

But onto the books!!

What I'm currently reading:

This is a novella, something small about Queen Levana's past to tide us over until book 4 of the Lunar Chronicles comes out.
I'm reading this as an e-book.

What I've finished reading:

More Hellchasers now please!
I love Sherrilyn's work, all of it. 
I have not yet read a book from her that I've disliked.

This was a random bargin book I decided to take a chance on. 
It was so good.
Super funny, and super accurate.
Living as an insomniac is a major pain in the ass, this book provides a little insight to what it's like.
I encourage everyone to pick this up and give it a go, especially if you have insomnia or know someone who is.

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  1. Great idea! I love to read and love hearing about new to me books :)