Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Older finishes

I took some photos of some of my older finishes from the last few years. 
I tend to give them away as gifts most of the time, so I don't have too many finished pieces laying around.
But here are some of the ones I do have, and some backs.
So you can giggle at how atrocious some of them are!

This is a small Misfits logo stitched in glow in the dark thread, which I cut out and glued onto the canvas.
I met the Misfits when they played Sydney last and got them to sign it for me :)

This was a card kit from the Cross Stitch Magic magazine that used to be in circulation in Australia.

The card is pretty dodgy, I will be getting some card stock soon to cover the back up better.

This is a better card, also from a magazine.

Another stitched canvas piece, this time for musician Otep.
Also signed by the artist :)

Illidan stitched on plastic canvas

Sparkly aida!

This is the first ever cross stitch project I ever did.
I went big straight out the gate.


  1. Your backs look great. When I first started I would start all my thread with a big knot because I was so scared the thread would fall out haha. Love the Gorjuss girl with the bear!

  2. That's quite a variety of charts - and the backs look just fine.