Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Live Music

Been a little absent, well, more than a little. 
I have a few blog posts planned, just need to take some photos for them.

In the meantime I thought I'd talk a little bit about music, specifically about the bands I've seen live.

Not going to lie, I am super eager for this years Soundwave Festival to roll around.

So, my first gig, back in 2005.
I was still in High School, and got my parents permission to go with my best friend and my then boyfriend.
Ill Nino and Static X, supported by MM9.
Went to a band signing before the show as well and got my DVD signed by the members of Ill Nino.
I still have the DVD as well :p
It wasn't technically my first gig, if you count all the times I saw The Wiggles when I was younger, but it was my first metal gig.
I'd never heard MM9 before, and they were great.
What wasn't great was that I had gone as close to the front as I could, but was standing in between a bunch of really big metalheads. 
I quickly learnt that when everyone around you jumps, you need jump for life, because dear god.
Also learnt the guy behind me had steel caps on.
Then I noticed mid-way through the first song that my Dad's phone had fallen out of my pocket. Because I didn't have my own one yet.
I freaked out, spent the rest of the song searching the ground for it.
At the beginning of the next song a guy tapped me on the shoulder and handed me the phone. 
Still perfect condition, still working.
I am so glad phones were still bricks.
The rest of the show I stayed towards the back and just head banged on my own.
It was a great show, and I still have the Static X shirt I bought from it too.

Such a shame Wayne Static passed away, would have loved to see him perform again.

Since then I've seen a whole bunch of bands. Seen even more local/Aussie bands as well from my time as a  photographer for a metal club. So here's a list of the ones I can remember.

Slipknot x3
Static X x2
Ill Nino
Lacuna Coil
Devildriver x2
Marilyn Manson x3
Wednesday 13
Coal Chamber x2
The Red Paintings
Mindless Self Indulgence x2
A Perfect Circle
Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Devin Townsend Project
Amon Amarth
Avenged Sevenfold
Rob Zombie
Mushroomhead x2
The Misfits
Five Finger Death Punch x3
Emilie Autumn
The Living End
Green Day
Korn x2
Alter Bridge
10 Years
System of a Down
Limp Bizkit
Machine Head
Steel Panther
Shadows Fall
In This Moment
Blink 182
Stone Sour
Hanzel und Gretyl
God Module
The Offspring

There's likely a few I'm missing, but yes, I love my metal music :p

My fingers are crossed that this year will bring even more awesome bands to add to my list.
Fingers are super crossed for a David Bowie concert. I would kill to see David Bowie live, not even kidding.

I have a ton of photos which will be in a different post :)

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