Monday, 8 June 2015

Bookstand #4

More reading!

I finished two books today. One I had been reading for a couple of days, one I had picked up planning to read a few pages, but found I couldn't put it down!

This has been a super busy week, with my last week of classes comes the last 8 assessments all being due in the same week!
And we have a public holiday here in Australia for Monday, so that's one less day to get everything handed in.

On top of that, house hunting.
Ugh. I absolutely loath house hunting.
It's so hard to find a good place, with no stairs, 2 bedrooms and a garage that's in our price range.

But onwards to the bookish stuff!

Finished Reading

Such a creepy idea is addressed in this. 
Though my only  gripe with this book was the lack of solid answers.
I still need to know what was happening.

The narrator was very interesting, and had some interesting quirks.

Such a sweet book, but also heartbreaking.
This book is about a teenage girl who find's out she has AIS making her intersex.
The book is about her journey through acceptance and the hurtful things that the uniformed say and so.
It has a positive ending, one that promotes normalcy, which I thought was fantastic.

I've had my own fights with gender and sexuality, and a large chunk of my life I have feared people finding out and treating me differently. 
That's happening, though for other reasons (wheelchairs are just mobility aids, seriously).
But I loved how throughout this, the girl has voices and people who treat her the same, because at the end of the day she is. 
She is a girl.

Currently Reading

Still plugging away :p

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  1. Good on you finished 2 books! And good luck house hunting :)