Monday, 1 June 2015

Bookstand #3

More reading!

Still not super motivated to read, but I'm getting along :)

I've been trying to hunt down a copy of the Julia Gillard book, but not for $40-odd. 
Even the ebook is $20. 
Ebook prices are a joke. 

Recent Finishes

This was such a good read!

I will first of all put a trigger warning on this however, as it does deal quite a bit with the sexual abuse of children.

I was sent an Advanced Reading Copy by Allen and Unwin through the Reading Room.

This book will be released in July, and I do hope people pick it up :)

This book follows the events of two women with very different lives who end up in the same correctional facility.

Currently Reading

The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss

I'm still plugging away at this one :p
I've got to the 30% mark so far.
Such a long book, but I love it so much.
It's a fantastic fantasy world.

I'm putting myself on a book buying restriction so I can put funds away for the Book Expo in October.
I got a free ticket from Selena Fenech (I fangirled so much when she replied to my email).
I can't wait to buy some more books from her at the Expo, and just buying books in general :p

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