Thursday, 14 May 2015

Life Updates, again!

Life is a time consuming bitch.

Every time I start thinking things will settle down and I'll feel less stressed, and have some more time to do stuff, the opposite happens.

After 9 weeks with crappy internet, and having to step away from raiding with my guild in WoW, we finally decided to switch providers.
And dear god, I can play!
Without lag!
And at night!

Have I had much time to do so? Well, no, but still, I can!

Sadly the install was supposed to be a Friday install but because of Murphy's law with the Optus tech's that day, it got pushed to Saturday.
I had to cancel a bunch of my plans Saturday (upside was I finished my friend's birthday gift) to wait for the tech.
A 7.30 am to 12 noon window for them to show up, and just my luck, they showed right near 12.
The install itself didn't take long.
The tech said 20 minutes until we could set it up and be internet filled.
An hour and a half on the phone later, get told it won't be up until late Sunday.
Then get told it won't be until Monday.

This totally messed up my Sunday plans of sitting and doing a bunch of my TAFE assessments.

But in the end it didn't matter, because I got a damned cold.
Spent all of Sunday and a good chunk of Monday in bed, with hankies and a bucket.
Missed my Monday class too.

The TAFE assessment was a group project, and it didn't come together until the very last minute because life!

TAFE itself is going pretty well.
A couple weeks in, already have assessments all over the place. 
Next week I have a presentation to give, but that will be on cross stitching, so easy enough. But to satisfy the visual component of the marking scheme, I'm making up some little kits for the people in the class. 
So I need to make up 30 little cross stitch kits. 
Trip to Spotlight this weekend I think!

Apart from that I finally got a new phone.
My little HTC Desire HD has been a great phone for the last 5-6 years, but the touch screen doesn't respond as well, the apps I use are starting to not work on the outdated Android platform it runs and the speakers were going.
And the battery, 5 hours until it was almost drained.

I'm still waiting for my number to be ported over, but the battery on my new phone is amazing!
I went with a Samsung Galaxy s5.
My biggest happy about it? 
Hearthstone on mobile works, and I can get the cat selfie app.
So be prepared for cat selfies!

Apart from that, I'm still in a reading slump.
I'm days behind in Stitch Maynia (until tomorrow anyway)
I haven't done much stitching at all (though being able to stitch in class will be a godsend)

But now photos!

Only in Australia can we have a storm when it's mostly sunny, with rainbows and lightning crashing over the top of it....

Finished Birthday gift, I didn't take many photos of this before we left.
We only just made it in time for the party after all the mucking around with internet.

Cupcakes I made for my friends party, with  pink and purple icing!

I want to cross stitch this Spiderman art xD

And now I can selfie!

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  1. You're right life is time consuming :) I love the little unicorns! And the cupcakes look so yummy :)