Saturday, 2 May 2015

Updates! Life keeps taking over!

Life, huh.
Still crazy.
Still super busy.

My last post I mentioned working on a second birthday present. I have 7 days to finish and frame it.

I started my course this week as well.
4 days a week, starting at 9.30am for 5 hours each day.
Doesn't seem like a huge deal, but I'm having issues with my insomnia and sleep habits.
So it's been pretty full on.
Not to mention we're playing classroom roulette, because the classrooms and staffroom for the communities sector are closed off.
Thanks to all those crazy storms, we have sections of roof that have collapsed.
So we don't have actual classrooms, we end up having to find out when we get there in the morning.
Other downsides include the lifts being out of order as well.
Looking like a 3-6 week wait for them to be repaired, and that's only if we don't have anymore storms.

The course itself is looking to be interesting, and a little fun at the moment.
I know it won't always be, I know there are going to be some things that pop up that will be a little uncomfortable, a little emotional.
But it's all part of learning to help people.

As for stitching, I've not done much. 
All my TAFE teachers have given me permission to stitch in classes, so I will get more done that way :)
But then I decided to take part in Stitch Maynia.
The crazy creation of Coffee Stitcher and A.Stitch.In.Time
15 new starts.
1 for each of the first 15 days in May.

I've picked my projects, picked out fabrics. 
I haven't photocopied working copies or floss picked, but I can do that each day.

The plan is to take pictures of each one, then I'm going to do blog posts and videos for them.

Just got to get used to studying again and settle into a routine.
So back to sporadic posts and videos :P

Some photos!

Terry Pratchett shirt <3 RIP Sir Pratchett

The storms hit here with sunlight, hail, winds and rain. 
Later there was rainbows, hail and lightning.

The floodway behind my house rose up really quickly. 
Thankfully it didn't get much higher than this.

Spider's don't like wet weather, they come indoors and eat other bugs.
This is a Spider Bro.
They typically don't bother humans, just other spiders and bugs.

Got this sharpener from TYPO.

Gotta use the butt :p

HAED Sale, of course I did :p

Cute little glass jars I can use as ORT jars

Andrew has finished the outline on his first project

Stitch Maynia plans

Best. cup. Ever.

I'm thinking of giving the ort jar away with the present because it looks pretty cool.

First project for Stitch Maynia

Second project for Stitch Maynia

How awesome would this be to cross stitch?
I'd just settle for the Spiderman part :p

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your Stitch Maynia stitches! And the metallics on that pink fabric are gorgeous!